Artwork & Photography

Ultimately the underlying attraction to any form of art is the juxtaposition of the comfort of symmetry against some unexpected element of chaos. The balance of these two things seduces us as it validates our human flaws and battle to keep things in check. This is what I see, what I try to catch in my net, when nature serves something up for me. When I’m lucky enough to be there at the right moment and grab it.

A Note About The Pieces

All photos are printed directly on premium baltic birch wood resulting in super vibrant colors, retaining high quality without sacrificing clarity.

  • SUSTAINABLE: Printed with water-based inks, the company we work with uses wood that is farmed to prevent deforestation.
  • WATER & HEAT RESISTANT: Prints will last. They are protected against moisture and heat.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: May be cleaned with sponge or rag with soapy water; no smearing.
  • READY TO HANG: Each print comes slotted for easy hanging.
  • PRICES: Please contact us if you are interested in one of my pieces. All collections and photography shown are printed on wood.

Call 732.204.7704 or email to purchase